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Complex Turnkey

Green Energy Services

Complex Turnkey

Green Energy Services

Complex Turnkey 

Green Energy Services

Through our robust network of business partners, we are uniting the experts from every field of renewable industry with long-term proven collaboration experience to ensure complex turnkey solutions tailor-made for clients' individual needs. Find out more information about the provided services below.


Our on-site & remote teams cover the entire know-how of project development, from site identification and permit acquisition to technical design and grid connection and diverse electricity marketing. We collaborate closely with external partners and developers.



Our site analysis process includes an on-site inspection of the area, during which our team of experienced engineers will record all relevant site information, that may impact the performance of the solar power plant.

We use advanced technology such as drones to take high-quality aerial photos of the site, as well as a detailed elevation profile. Using this comprehensive data, we create a detailed report outlining the site’s potential for solar power generation, including expected energy output and return on investment calculations. Our engineers stay up to date with the latest developments in the solar industry, including changes in regulations and technological advancements.

We will work closely with you to ensure that your needs and goals are met, and that your solar farm is designed and constructed to the highest possible standards.

"How feasible and how profitable is the implementation of a PV system on your company or warehouse roof?"


How feasible and how profitable is the implementation of a PV system on your company or warehouse roof? We answer this question.

More and more companies with large offices, production facilities or warehouses are using their area for PV roof mounting systems to save electricity costs in the long term and to sustainably reduce their CO2 contribution.

With our PV feasibility analysis, we offer you a technical assessment of the available roof area and the electrical integration into the building. You will receive an estimate of the energy production of the PV system, the expected CO2 savings and the expected economic payback period. To estimate the expected electricity production, we use 3D planning software and create an optimised plant layout of the respective roof using a proven system design. By adding specific irradiation data of the area, the amount of electricity generated can be determined very precisely.


With information on your current electricity consumption and your load profile, we can calculate how much of the electricity for the building can be generated by the PV system and directly used by the building and how much excess PV power is exported into the grid.



Good design results in an efficient plant with a long lifespan. The power plant designing is an integral part of a building application for both commercial and company solar power plants. We take local conditions and requirements into account, so we can give you the best chance of approval for your building permit. An accurate and realistic proposal for a commercial solar power plant design is an important part of an energy yield and solar performance. We develop our designs using PVsyst software, which allows us to make a 3D model, taking the exact topography of the surface into account. Our design approach is based on a thorough analysis of the site and its surrounding environment. We also pay close attention to mechanical occupancy and electrical wiring, as these factors can significantly impact the overall performance and reliability of the system.

Our team of experts has extensive experience in designing and optimizing commercial solar power plants, and we are committed to delivering a solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. We aim to provide you with the best chance of approval for your building permit by designing a plant that meets all relevant regulations and guidelines.


Our due diligence report goes beyond just on-site inspections. We review all technical documentation related to the solar power plant, including design plans, engineering reports, performance data, and operational records. Our team of experts will conduct thorough analyses and simulations to provide you with a comprehensive assessment of the plant’s technical status, performance, and potential risks.

By considering all relevant information, including on-site inspections, technical documentation review, and additional analyses, our solar due diligence report provides you with a holistic view of the solar power plant’s condition. This enables you to make informed decisions when considering the purchase of a solar power plant, ensuring that you are aware of any technical issues, risks, or opportunities associated with the investment.

Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and insights needed to make confident decisions and maximize the value of your solar project.


Our experienced experts support you with the route design, the correct dimensioning of transformer and substation as well as with the grid connection application and the communication with the grid operator.

With many years of experience and technical expertise, we determine the correct dimensioning of grid connection components, such as the route, high-voltage transformers, or compensation systems, based on your planned photovoltaic system and the specifications of the grid operator. For this purpose, we model the entire system including the route and high-voltage transformers using current software solutions.

We perform load flow and short-circuit current calculations and determine the current carrying capacity of the line and transformers, also considering normative requirements for reactive power. Based on the results, we recommend a technically required or commercially optimized cable dimensioning for your route and the power range of the required high-voltage transformers.


The information can be used directly when procuring materials. Within the scope of our grid connection services, we also take over the submission of the grid connection application as well as the complete communication with the grid operator.

"Our due diligence report goes beyond just on-site inspections."


Green Services Group is an experienced expert in the professional construction of turnkey photovoltaic plants. We see ourselves as a reliable partner and advisor in the EPC process and, if desired, can take over all the necessary steps from plant planning to handover to the operating phase.

When tendering and procuring the necessary construction components and services, we pay particular attention to the quality offered: this represents an important factor for the long-term availability and the associated future performance of the plant. During the construction phase, we control and coordinate all trades and deliveries within the framework of coordinated logistics and time management. Through regular on-site inspections, we ensure the quality of the project and the work safety of the execution during the construction phase. After testing and commissioning, we operate the plant for several weeks to verify its performance.

Once the plant performs as planned, we transfer the comprehensive documentation including the required plant certificate and handover a defect-free power plant to you as our customer. As part of EPC management, we monitor, the quality and execution of construction and installation and ensure the implementation of the plant in accordance with the specified planning documents and the desired quality.


Within the scope of O&M, we offer you an all-round service in the areas of monitoring, reporting, preventive maintenance and inspection, corrective maintenance and optimisation. We monitor your plant 365 days a year. Daily, we identify faults via intelligent algorithms and manual checks.

Plant and incident management continuously ensures the optimal operation of each plant and finds further optimisation potential. We know every plant – the components installed, technical and local peculiarities or special specifications and deadlines. We maintain a customer and plant-specific overview by working in established teams and dedicated contact persons.

We ensure that regular inspection and maintenance activities are carried out as part of the technical operational management and undertake legally prescribed inspections of the system and its electrical equipment.

How is the PV system performing? And where can additional yield or optimisation potential of the plant perhaps be realised through targeted measures? Our regular reporting provides comprehensive transparency on the performance and availability of your plant as well as all events affecting the plant.


Through our external partners we develop green energy supply contracts for your individual needs. We can facilitate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for up to 10 years, enabling bank financing.

Leveraging external partnerships, we specialize in creating customized green energy supply contracts, including Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) that span up to 10 years. Our tailored solutions not only align with your specific needs but also open avenues for potential bank financing, offering a comprehensive approach to sustainable energy integration.

"Through our external partners we develop green energy supply contracts for your individual needs."


Backup for renewable energy sources - the optimum solution to guarantee an uninterrupted supply of power under all conditions.

BESS solutions are an enabler to supply backup power to those who want to make greater use of renewable energy but have found, due to certain constraints such as, intermittency, weather conditions, power grid limitations, that renewables have their own limitations.


Solutions for new business models at TSO-level providing the energy infrastructure of tomorrow, enabling grid flexibility and services stability in countries with requirements for clean power and transport in fast-growing economies.



The intersection of Smart Cities, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, and Industry represents a dynamic landscape where urban development converges with sustainability and responsible business practices. Smart Cities leverage advanced technologies to enhance efficiency, connectivity, and overall quality of life. The integration of ESG principles ensures that urban development is environmentally sustainable, socially inclusive, and governed with ethical standards.

Our Smart City digital ecosystem is among the most extensive, integrating IoT devices and vertical solutions at the EDGE layer. We offer a diverse range of New Generation Smart City infrastructures. Identifying key needs, we introduce unique digital devices crucial for smart cities. Our seamless Smart City communication bus utilizes the Public Lighting grid, and we also provide a wide array of 5G private network verticals for advanced connectivity solutions.

CitySys operates a comprehensive Smart City one-stop shop with an integrated digital ecosystem covering various layers of physical and data architecture. We provide IoT hardware and software solutions, including sensors, cameras, data collectors, and cloud-based interfaces capable of integrating existing 3rd-party IoT solutions. Leveraging global technology partners like ORACLE, Microsoft, and Qualcomm, CitySys has secured a robust pipeline of projects, including revenue-generating mandates with municipalities and clients worldwide.

"Our Smart City digital ecosystem is among the most extensive, integrating IoT devices and vertical solutions at the EDGE layer."


Get access to off-the-market green investment opportunities and full market intelligence.​ Robust ecosystem of green energy Investment funds spanning Nordics, Germany, Benelux, the Balkans, Israel, the Middle East, China, the UK, and the USA, providing access to off-market green Investment opportunities and comprehensive market intelligence.


Our green energy portfolio exceeds 1 gigawatt of Ready to Build (RTB) and Commercial Operation Date (COD) photovoltaic, wind, and hydrogen projects. Backed by top-tier real estate advisors, accomplished developers, and prominent business families, our 10+ years of proven success now effortlessly transition into the Green Energy sector.

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